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Landscape Services


Creative designs are a specialty of Growing Image Landscape. Trained as a Landscape Architect, Rob McClarty creates original landscapes that complement the terrain and buildings of any site.


What brings your garden to life? Plants, plants, and plants — from majestic trees down to the most delicate ground cover.


Drip Irrigation, Landscape Irrigation
We design and install irrigation systems using the latest water-saving technology. Efficiently water your new landscaping while conserving this precious resource.


Carpentry, Arbors, Patios
Wood helps define the boundaries of the garden, while providing structure and shade. Our carpentry services include designing and building.


Masonry, Stone Walls, Patios & Paths
Enhance the lay of the land while adding a timeless quality to any garden with custom stonework.


Landscape Lighting
Whether lighting a pathway or illuminating the branching structure of your favorite tree, properly placed lighting will allow you to enjoy your garden well past sunset.